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Bellator 64 Weigh-Ins Results



Lightweight: Taylor Solomon 155.6 Vs. Jason Fischer 155.6

Welterweight: Matt Secor  170 Vs. Nordine Taleb 171

Featherweight: Mike Richman 145 Vs. Chris Horodecki 145.8

Welterweight: Josh Taveirne 170.6 Vs. Chad Laprise 169.8

Catchweight: Kyle Prepolec 158.6 Vs Lance Snow 159

Middleweight: Elias Theodorou 185.6 vs Rich Lictawa 192.2 

Rich needs to cut more weight

Bantamweight: Roderigo Lima 136 Vs. Hiroshi Nakamura 135.8

Bantamweight: Travis Marx 145.2 Vs. Masakatsu Ueda 135.8

Featherweight: Alexandre Bezarra 146  Vs. Marlon Sandro 146

Welterweight: Douglas Lima 170 Vs. Ben Askren 169.6

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