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Bellator 67 LIVE Results

MMAxposed’s Jordan Maskell has the latest results from Bellator 67 LIVE from Casino Rama.

Nathan Gunn (169.6 lbs.) vs. Dominic O’Grady (171 lbs.)

Dom O’Grady by verbal submission via armbar with 4:51 seconds in Round 2.


Nordine Taleb (179.4 lbs.) vs. Matt MacGrath(179.6 lbs.)

Round 1

Rounds begins with both men feeling each other out. Nordine lands a kick, follows up with a combo, another kick. MacGrath returns with some punches, Taleb lands number of combos, left leg kick & big head kick. Taleb lands flying knee, takes him to ground. MacGrath get Taleb’s back, MacGrath presses Taleb against the cage, lands some big shots. Big straight left by Taleb, with big left returned by MacGrath. Round ends.

Round 2

Round 2 starts, Taleb lands leg kick, MacGrath combo. MacGrath shoots for takedown, Taleb stops it. Good exchange by both guys, leg kick by Taleb, MacGrath returns with a combo, left by Taleb, MacGrath shoots Taleb prevents it, lands some good shots, and finishes it by TKO.

Taleb by TKO with 2:30 seconds into Round 2.


Cosmo Alexander (155 lbs.) vs. Lorawnt Nelson (155 lbs.)

Round 1

Round begins, both men exchange. Left kick by Alexander, returned by Nelson. Big right hand by Alexander, lands nice combo. Alexander keeps pressure on Nelson, lands some kicks and a knee. Left by Nelson, lands right head kick. Alexander keeps backing up Nelson. Alexander with a front head kick. Lands a few more combos and front kicks.  Nelson with some combos, Alexander with an attempted flying knee. Round ends.

Round 2

Round begins, high kick by Alexander, both men seem hesitant to strike, Alexander with an elbow, lands some good combos and kicks, Nelson looks in trouble. Both men in the clinch against the cage, break, Nelson lands some combos, both men exchange blows. Alexander presses Nelson against the cage, lands some knees, so does Nelson. Both men tie up, some clinch strikes. Round 2 concludes.

Round 3

Round 3 begins, kicks by Alexander. Cosmo Alexander keeping the pressure on Nelson, landing some big kicks and combos. Fairly even final round with Alexander and Nelson just trading blows. Fight goes the distance.

Cosmo Alexander wins by unanimous decision 30-27 30-27 30-27


Ryan Ford (169.8 lbs.) vs. Luis Santos (170 lbs.)

Round 1

Fight begins, Santos with a kick, Ford hits him with a big punch, lands a hammerfist. Santos recover, both men exchange some big kicks, Santos with the head kick, Ford recovers. Santos teeing off on Ford, flurry exchange, clinch. Santos lands some big knees in the clinch, gets Fords back. Ford on the ground. Santos lands some shots on the ground, elbows and punches. Santos keeps Ford pressed against the cage. Ford with some shots from the bottom. Round ends.

Round 2

Second round starts off Ford with a combo and kick, Ford goes to punch slips and recovers. Exchange, Santos presses him against the cage. Ford lands a knee, Santos drops, Ford feeds him shots, and Referee stops it.

Ryan Ford by TKO 1:24 into Round 2.


Damian Grabowski (241.4 lbs.) vs. Dave Huckaba (255.4 lbs.)

Round 1

Fight starts; Huckaba throws a kick, Grabowski with the takedown. Grabowski throwing shots from Huckaba’s guard. Grabowski working the head and body. Huckaba landing a couple elbows from the bottom, ref stands them up. Huckaba big left, Grabowski presses Huckaba against the cage, lands some knees. Grabowski takes Huckaba down; fight gets back to the feet. Huckaba with a knee, Round ends.

Round 2

The second round begins, Grabowski with the combo, shoots for takedown, stopped by Huckaba. Exchange by both men, Huckaba pressing Grabowski against the cage, lands some strikes. Break, Huckaba with a good combo, Grabowski with some punches and head kick. Huckaba catches him, shoots for takedown Huckaba stops, but Grabowski gets his back, presses him against the cage. Huckaba reverses it, ends up in Grabowski’s guard. Huckaba lets Grabowski up. Huckaba with a couple big shots, round ends.

Round 3

The third begins with both fighters showing caution. Grabowski takes Huckaba down, lands some good ground and pound. After a little bit, ref stands them up. Grabowski shoots again, misses, Huckaba with a big left. Huckaba stops a takedown, lands some more good shots, and gets Grabowski down again. Lets him back up, Huckaba getting the better of the exchange. Grabowski with a combo coming forward, Huckaba keeps landing shots, Grabowski with another takedown attempt, misses. Fight ends.

Damian Grabowski by unanimous decision 29-28 29-28 29-28


Ben Saunders (171 lbs.) vs. Bryan Baker (171 lbs.)

Round 1

Baker with some kicks, both men exchange, Saunders land some knees, goes to the ground. Saunders go for a kimura, Saunders goes for a submission, Baker lands some good hammer fists. Saunders goes for a triangle, Baker escapes, Baker with some ground and pound on Saunders. Saunders pushes him off, fight gets back to the feet. Baker trying to takedown Saunders, Saunders continues to go for submission. Baker gets his back, round ends,

Round 2

Second round begins with an exchange by both fighters. Good combo by Baker. Baker presses Saunders against the cage, gives him some shot. Saunders takes him down. Baker get back to the feet, Saunders landing some good knees while Baker lands some big uppercuts. Continues to press Saunders against the cage and takes him down. Some big shots from the top, Baker gains side control. Gives Saunders some punches from side control. Round ends.

Round 3

Final round begins, Baker with some kicks, press Saunders against the cage. Baker with the takedown, feeding him punches and elbows on the ground. Saunders defending on the ground, tries to get up, stopped by Baker. Baker switches from side control to Saunders back. They stand back up, big slam by Baker. Lands some shots. Baker stands back up and picks apart Saunders on the ground. Fight ends with Baker dominating Saunders.

Bryan Baker by unanimous decision 29-28 30-27 30-27.


Michael Chandler (156 lbs.) vs. Akihiro Gono (155.6 lbs.)

Round 1

Chandler keeps pressing forward to begin the round, Gono keeps backing away. Chandler throws a left and hits a big right hand. Knocks Gono down, Chandler gets on top of him and finishes with punches. Ref stops it.

Michael Chandler wins by TKO with 56 seconds into Round 1.


Nick Kirk (135.6 lbs.) vs. David “Bo” Harris (134.8 lbs.)

Round 1

Kirk and Harris begin the fight standing up, each exchanging combos. Kirk goes for takedown but Harris stops. Fairly evenly matched first round. No significant strikes landed.

Round 2

Bo with a combo and head kick to end the round. Rocked Kirk. Similar round to the first.

Round 3

Harris comes out strong in round 3, landing some good shots. Kirk takes Harris down, presses him against the cage. Ref stands it up. Good shots near the end but similar to the previous two rounds.

Bo Harris via unanimous decision 29-28 29-28 29-28


Will Romero (148.8 lbs.) vs. Matt Veal (145 lbs.)

Round 1

Fast pace exchange to open up the first round. Romero and Veal both land some good combos. Veal with the takedown. Veal lands some good shots from the top, while Romero continues to go for submission. Round ends.

Round 2

Veal goes for the takedown, Romero gets back to his feet. Striking exchange by both fighters. Veal with superman punch drops Romero, he recovers. They exchange. Romero throws some combos, lands some intense knees. Romero overwhelms Veal against the cage and the fight is stopped.

Romero wins by TKO at 4:25 of Round 2.

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