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Live Play by Play for the Score Fighting Series 5 in Hamilton, Ontario

By: Matt Marcone

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Robert Thomas (168.8) vs Jeff Sharkey (170)

R1 – Sharkey lands a right hand and presses him against the cage. Thomas reverses and has Sharkey on the wall. They trade position a few times clinching against the cage. Thomas throws a string of high kicks and a couple get through. Sharkey lands a hard body kick of his own and follows with a take down. Sharkey has him in trouble after a flurry on the feet. Thomas finds his way back up and both guys continue to swing for the fences. Sharkey lands a huge right hand and drops him in the exchange. Very exciting round to kick off the card. 10-9 Sharkey

R2 – Both guys come out tentative. They trade strikes on the feet for the first half of the round with nothing too significant landing. Thomas connects with a right high kick, Sharkey counters with a left hand. Thomas seems to be landing the crisper strikes and is doing a good job utilizing his reach advantage. Sharkey lands a huge counter right hand, drops him and gains the mount! That last strike steals the round. 10-9 Sharkey

R3 – Chants of “Sharkey” fill the stadium before the round starts. He lands a few hard shots in the clinch, Thomas counters with a solid body kick. Thomas lands a high right kick and Sharkey counters with a taunt. Sharky then lands a solid take down nearly carrying him on his shoulders! Thomas gets back to his feet and lands an excellent body shot and then a flying knee. The round ends with Sharkey in trouble against the cage. 10-9 Thomas

Matt Marcone scores it 29-28 for Jeff Sharkey, judges call it 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28 for Jeff Sharkey by split decision.

Frank Marques (139.2) vs. Eric Montgomery (139.4)

R1 – The Hamilton crowd loves “Frank the Tank!” but Montgomery comes out of the gate with a double leg take down. He controls from the top spending much of the round in half guard. Montgomery lands a brutal right knee as Marques tries to get up. He is a bloody mess but defending well from the bottom. He gets back to his feet as the referee stops to check the cut. She has seen enough as Marques’ eye is nearly swollen shut.

Eric Montgomery wins via TKO (doctor’s stoppage) at 4:20 of round one, despite the fact the announcer first calls it for Marquez!

Adam Assenza (156) vs. Taylor Solomon (154.2)

R1 – Assenza tries a spinning wheel kick but misses. Solomon tries hard for the take down against the cage but is also unsuccessful. Solomon lands a flurry, rocking him and then follows with a slam. Assenza works his way back to the feet and lands a few shots of his own. Both guys are fighting at a furious pace. Solomon has him in the Muay-Thai clinch and lands some solid knees. The round ends with a slip and Adam Assenza take down. Close round 10-9 Solomon

R2 – Solomon is trying very hard for a take down but Assenza defends well. They clinch against the cage and Solomon gets on top, nearly swept in the process. Assenza gets back to his feet, only to be taken down again. Solomon works punches from the top, Assenza nearly gets the armbar but Solomon slips out of it. The round ends with Solomon on top landing small shots in guard.  10-9 Solomon

R3 – Assenza nearly puts him away with a slam and punches on the ground! Solomon gets back to his feet but is still in trouble. Assenza decides to try for the take down and gets it. He works with Solomon pressed against the cage. Both guys are giving it everything they have with Assenza getting the better of the exchanges. The round ends with another Assenza take down. 10-9 Assenza

Matt Marcone scores it 29-28 Taylor Solomon in a close fight, judges call it 29-28-28-29 and 29-28 for Adam Assenza!

Ryan Dickson (168.6) vs. Chris St. Jean (169.6)

R1 – The crowd gives Ryan Dickson a huge pop in the introductions! Dickson ducks under a punch and gets the first takedown and works to half guard. St. Jean gets up, but then taken down as Dickson gets his back. He lands a serious of vicious shots from there and finishes the fight.

Ryan Dickson wins via TKO strikes at 2:42 round one.

Jason Saggo (156) vs. Eric Attard (155.6)

R1 – Saggo gets the first take down but Attard gets back to his feet. Not much action until another Jason Saggo take down. Saggo quickly mounts and gets his back. He sinks in a rear-naked choke and makes no mistake.

Jason Saggo wins by submission (rear-naked choke) in round one.

Jason Meisel (155.8) vs. Kyle Prepolec (155.2): Broadcast live through the Score!

R1 – Prepolec presses Meisel against the cage, they separate. Both guys are swinging for the knockout. A crazy scramble ends up with Meisel on top. Prepolec reverses, gets up and lands some hard knees in the clinch. Meisel throws two left high kicks and Meisel retaliates. Very close round and a good one to debut on live TV with, 10-10

R2 – Meisel connects with a low right kick to the groin that stops the clock. Prepolec does not look comfortable and is taking his time. The doctor checks him out in the octagon to the love of the crowd! After the full five minutes, Prepolec gets up and is still in considerable pain but they continue. Prepolec gets a take down, passes to half guard and Meisel reverses and ends up on top. Prepolec locks in a triangle, Meisel slams him to defend but ultimately taps!

Kyle Prepolec wins by submission (triangle) at 3:50 round two.

Elias Theodorou (185.4) vs. Simon Marini (183.2)

R1 – Marini comes out to the old school HBK Shawn Michaels theme song. Bad-ass! Both fighters trade position against the cage with neither doing too much damage. Theodorou lands the first flurry while Marini is trapped on the wall. A punch briefly wobbles Theodorou after they separate. Close round that went back and forth, 10-10

R2 – Marini controls the centre of the octagon. They clinch and Theodorou forces him back to the cage. It looks like his strategy is to wear him out and use his superior cardio. After a while the referee separates them and this time Theodorou controls the centre. Neither fighter landing any significant strikes with Theodorou getting the nod for octagon control. 10-9 Theodorou

R3 – Theodorou throws a right hand and Marini counters with a left leg kick and then a straight right hand. Theodorou lands a high kick and then goes back to the fence. They trade positions until they are separated again. Marini lands a nice combination and becomes the aggressor. Close round, Elias landed more but Marini landed the harder shots, 10-9 Theodorou.

Matt Marcone calls it 30-28 Theodorou and all three judges score it 30-27 for Elias Theodorou

Tristan Johnson (145.2) vs. Rick Glenn (145.4)

R1 – Both guys are connecting early in the fight. Glenn connects with a few shots, a body kick and then gets the take down. He shoots for a heal hook but Johnson escapes and ends up on top. Johnson lands some hard rights standing over Glenn. A few more brief exchanges lead to the end of the round and a Tristan Johnson take down. 10-9 Johnson.

R2 – Glenn is having success with straight body kicks and then takes Johnson down. Glenn presses him against the cage, lands some strikes and passes to side control. Johnson scrambles and gets back to his feet. Glenn is turning up the heat with strikes and gets another take down. He lands some vicious elbows in guard, passes to full mount and finishes the fight with a barrage of punches.

Rick Glenn wins via TKO stoppage at 4:26 of round two.

Alex Ricci (156.8) vs. Jesse Ronson (155.4)

R1 – The crowd trades chants. Ronson connects with a left hand and then a left hook that staggers Ricci. He takes him to the mat and presses him against the cage. Ricci wall walks but Ronson drops him moments later! Ronson tries to finish but Ricci survives, Ronson takes the half guard. They stand up and Ronson lands a left high kick. All Ronson in round one, 10-8.

R2 – Ronson controls the centre of the octagon. He forces Ricci to the cage again and works hard for a double leg take down. Ricci defends well and lands a nice body kick after they separate. Ronson staggers Ricci with a devastating leg kick. Ricci connects with a hook in the last minute of the round that is giving him some confidence. They strike to the bell and it’s a 10-9 round for Ronson. Ricci needs to finish the fight in the third if he is to get his hand raised.

R3 – Ronson goes right back to using his wrestling against his opponent. He presses Ricci against the cage, they separate and Ronson ends up on top. Failed submission attempt from the bottom by Ricci; they stand up again. Ronson throws him into side control and opts to stand up and land shots with Ricci trapped on his back. Ricci gets back to his feet and pours it all into the final minute! He lands a flying knee, some strikes, but it’s ultimately another 10-9 round for Ronson.

Matt Marcone calls it 30-26 Ronson and the judges score it 30-27 Ronson.

John Fraser (135.4) vs. Josh Hill (134.8)

R1 – Hill gets the early take down and goes to work from the guard. He lands a couple short elbows and strikes to the head. Hill lands some solid shots with two minutes left in the round and is still in the same guard position. It looks like a prototypical Josh Hill fight, controlling position from the top, landing strikes and avoiding submissions. Fraser was never really on the offensive. 10-9 Hill

R2 – Hill lands another take down a minute into the round, picking up where he left off. He passes to half guard and continues to control the top position. Fraser gets up but Hill drags him down into side control. He then gains the mount but Fraser quickly gets it back to full guard. Hill lands four consecutive left punches to the head and once again passes to half guard. The second round looks much like the first, 10-9 Hill.

R3 – It’s deja vu to start the third round. Hill seems to be able to take the fight to the ground whenever he wants. He goes back to work from the guard, then half guard, then full mount. Fraser does a good job scrambling to bring it back to guard. Hill’s wrestling and submission defense was the difference in this fight, as fans start the “UFC” chant and he takes the third round and surely a 30-27 decision.

Matt Marcone scored the bout 30-27 Josh Hill and the judges agree.

Kudos to the Score Fighting Series for putting on a great live show!



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