MMAxposed is A behind the scenes look into the world of MMA

About us

MMAxposed is a multimedia production company based out of Ontario, Canada. We are videographers, journalists, photographers, content producers, editors and above all… huge fans of the sport!

When Ontario finally legalized MMA in 2011, we started networking with hundreds of fighters and companies that were interested in branding themselves here.

We have covered dozens of events, met countless people in the industry, started a high quality podcast and filmed several projects to promote unique brands locally, nationally, and worldwide.

We also keep visitors to the site updated on MMA news with regular articles, recaps, videos, all of which are 100 percent original content.

It is our mission to continue working with up and coming talent, sponsors, gyms and companies to provide exposure for people that mainstream UFC fans have yet to discover.

To learn more about our team, click on the “MMAxposed contributors” tab. If you are a fighter or company interested in working with us, also be sure to check out the “Services” tab.

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