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Patrick Cote on coaching TUF Canada vs Australia

Written by: Ryan Manahan

Montreal, Quebec. “They’re not welcome here,” Patrick ‘The Predator’ Cote joked with us earlier.  Cote is coaching the next season of TUF Nations: Canada Vs. Australia which will be filmed in Canada later this year.
Cote showed his excitement about being chosen as a coach on the reality show.  While he understands that it’s a big opportunity for him to get noticed and create exposure, he views the coaching slot as a way to help future talent and represent Canada.
Cote spoke to us earlier today and also discussed the fans, his drop to the Welterweight Division and his other job as the UFC’s French speaking Play by Play man.
“I’m going there to help all those guys and I really want to win all the fights over there,” Cote said, his body language intense and sincere.  “We’re going to do everything that’s possible to win everything.”
Even mentioning the name of his rival coach – Kyle Noke who will be coaching the Australian team – didn’t detract from his focus of being a mentor and coach to the Canadian fighters on his team.  While he respects Noke’s skills and abilities, he made it clear what his intentions were in regards to TUF Nations.
“For me right now, I’m just focusing about TUF and going on this show  and sweeping this the season,” Cote said clearly getting his intentions across.  “And after that I’ll take care of Kyle Noke.”
Cote and Noke will shoot TUF Nations: Canada vs Australia later this.  The show will feature two teams of welterweights and is expected to debut in early 2014.

GSP: UFC World Tour visits Montreal

The UFC continued their ‘World Tour” of press conferences on Thursday, this time hitting up the hometown of UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre in scenic Montreal, Quebec. GSP and challenger Johny Hendricks attended the conference, as well as UFC Director of Canadian Operations Tom Wright, and several other Canadian MMA luminaries were in the audience. MMAxposed had the opportunity to catch up with  GSP  and get his thoughts on a variety of subjects

“Talking is not important,” George St. Pierre said with his usual mix of focus and polite Canadian charm.  After fighting notorious trash talkers including Nick Diaz, Josh Koscheck, and Dan Hardy, one would think that GSP would look forward to going up against someone who isn’t going to be throwing verbal jabs at him going into his next fight.On November 16, GSP will be defending his UFC Welterweight Championship against Johny Hendricks – a man known more for throwing his powerful left hand than throwing out insults.  Hendricks is a 4 time All-American wrestler and has 8 knockout victories on his records and many see the Welterweight Number One Contender as the biggest challenge in St. Pierre’s career.

Regardless of what is said before the match or who is standing across from St. Pierre in the octagon, for GSP, it all comes down to the fight.

“He’s a very unique guy and he’s going to be a unique opponent.  I’ve never fought a guy like him.  He’s never fought a guy like me.  We’ll find out November 16.”

George St. Pierre shared his thoughts on his upcoming fight with Hendricks, fighting outside of Canada for the first time since 2010, acting in the Captain America sequel, Aliens, and the upcoming rematch between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva.
Written by Carlin Bardsley and Ryan Manahan

UFC 165: Jon Jones Media Scrum

IMG_4216-27UFC Canada hosted the UFC 165 press conference with Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson at Real Sports in Toronto Ontario this past Tuesday.

Watch the media scrum with the current Light heavyweight Champion Jon Jones below:

Gustafsson will be bringing fireworks to Toronto at UFC 165

Alexander GustafssonTuesday July 9,2013 UFC held their UFC 165 press conference at Real Sports in Toronto, Ontario with the headliners, Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson. MMAxposed correspondent Ryan Manahan sits down with Gustafsson: Watch the interview below

Calm Before the Storm: Alex Ricci takes home the W at SCC 1.0



Alex Ricci







Alex Ricci (7-1) takes home the win against Luis Felix (9-7) via unanimous decision  at  Substance Cage Combat 1.0 this past weekend at the George Bell Arena in Toronto. Carlin Bardsley (In The Cage With Bards) catches up with Alex after the fight. Check out the video below:













Johny Hendricks talks about UFC 167, punching GSP in the face, being a new father and Olympic Wrestling

MMAxposed was fortunate enough to partake in this past weekend’s fundraiser and charity event at ‘Woodbridge Heroes’ collectibles store in scenic Woodbridge, Ontario. The event was held in support of the Canadian Diabetes Association, the city of Vaughan food bank and SOS Children’s Villages.

The event, sponsored in part by Haymaker Fightwear, was a rousing success, raising much-needed funds for worthy charities and providing entertainment for children of all ages including super hero costumes and an exotic petting zoo.

Also featured were appearances from real-life superheroes in the form of some of the top names in MMA, including UFC #1 welterweight contender Johny “Bigg Rigg” Hendricks. Hendricks gave this exclusive interview to MMAxposed where he discusses the clash with GSP, becoming a father the day before, whether wrestling will be back in the Olympics and more. Watch as “Bigg Rigg” pulls no punches on any subject!

By Carlin Bardsley


UFC 153 Predictions

Predictions by MMAxposed’s Farrell Tremblay

After losing UFC 151 and Strikeforce: Melendez vs Healy, we almost lost UFC 153 as well. Although the card doesn’t have the same relevant fights as it did a month ago, we now have some very exciting matchups that can really be best described as “fun”, even if they have no impact on any division.  Let’s break down the insanity of an already broken down card.


Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonnar

This fight has a lot of people really excited. Rightfully so, these two fighters have a history of exciting fights with spectacular outcomes, but before I cloud the matter with such misleading facts, let’s be clear about something: People aren’t excited about this fight in the same way they were excited for GSP vs Nick Diaz. The excitement people feel for this fight is really more akin to giddy sadism or the strange fascination we have watching wildebeest cross crocodile infested rivers on the Discovery Channel. Stephan Bonnar is one tough S.O.B. but is he ever out of his league. I believe his ability to absorb unnatural amounts of punishment will take this fight into later rounds but I will be shocked if Anderson Silva finds himself in any sort of danger at any point in this fight. Yes, this is MMA and anything can happen (just ask Matt Serra) but this is also the greatest man to ever fight in the sport and he will deliver that greatness by the fistful

Prediction: Silva by TKO


Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Dave Herman

You have to respect a guy like Nogueira. He is a legend of the sport, and if he retired tomorrow would have nothing but fond farewells from the MMA community. He’s a former champion in the two most prestigious promotions this sport has produced. Coming off a devastating loss to Frank Mir and nearly a year of inactivity, the last thing Big Nog needed to do was take a fight on short notice against a lower tier heavyweight on a two-fight losing streak but he stepped up when the UFC needed him the most. Dave Herman probably isn’t the caliber of fighter we would have seen Nogueira fight had he been matched up on more organic terms, but he is still a tough, durable fighter with heavy hands who may have the spryness of a young fighter to put them on the aging Brazilian. The more likely scenario is that Nogueira boxes his way inside Herman’s sloppy standup, takes him down and takes home a limb.

Prediction: Nogueira by submission



UFC 152 Predictions

UFC 152 is soon upon us and I can’t help but feel a wealth of emotions in my attempt to predict the action. The reason I say this is because it seems that predicting MMA fights are no longer as simple as “fighter A over fighter B” but instead a much more complex and anxious process that could be better described as “provided the physical well-being of fighters A and B is at acceptable competition level, it is likely X will be the outcome.” However if one or more parties are unable to participate and the suitable replacement(s) is/are willing and able to perform on Saturday, I predict Jon Jones won’t walk away from two cards in two weeks if he knows what’s good for him”. The caveat “Both Must Fight For Action” has taken on a whole new meaning, as the possibility that there may be no action has become as real as any other. With Saturday’s outcome hinging on all of these conditions I’ll do my best to predict the winners of UFC 152’s currently billed card.


Jon Jones vs Vitor Belfort

Jon Jones is a very clear favorite to win this fight, and rightfully so. Given his accomplishments over the last year and a half against strikers, wrestlers and muggers, it’s hard to imagine there are any stylistic matchups left to threaten the champ. This is doubly so when considering his opponent is 10 years his senior. However, when you consider Jones’s toughest test to date has come at the lightning quick hands of Lyoto Machida, it is reasonable to think that Vitor, a boxer with a conceivably greater speed advantage, may have more of a chance than odds-makers are letting on. In addition to a certain striking advantage, Vitor Belfort probably has the best jiu-jitsu of any fighter Jones has faced since entering the UFC. That being said, I don’t think Belfort has the advantage in the grappling department and despite still being a very dangerous fighter, his chin isn’t what it used to be and he will be giving up a foot of reach and considerable mass on fight night. Despite having made a case for Vitor’s chances of success, I simply can’t envision him taking control of the fight before Jones takes his confidence away.
Prediction: Jon Jones by TKO in round 3


Joseph Benavidez vs Demetrious Johnson

Joseph Benavidez has long been touted as the uncrowned flyweight kingpin and on Saturday he’ll finally get his opportunity to live up to such accolades. This won’t be easy though and “Mighty Mouse” is no walk in the park for anyone and his ability to outwork opponents often leaves him with his hand raised, despite his original underdog status. Benavidez comes into this fight with real stopping power for flyweight, as demonstrated in his fight with Yasuhiro Urushitani and Johnson may find his chin tested in the early rounds of this fight. Ultimately, I think Johnson’s speed will keep him out of harm’s way for the first couple rounds and as the fight wears on, he will begin to pull away as he continues an unrivaled work rate.


Prediction: Demetrious Johnson by unanimous decision


Michael Bisping vs Brian Stann

Michael Bisping may very well be at the end of his rope with this fight, should he lose. He has a great record against a number of very tough opponents regardless of the outcome, he will undoubtedly fight on for years to come… but should he lose, at what cost? Bisping may find himself at the bottom of the pile if he loses to Brian Stann on Saturday and what makes this so interesting is the outcome really depends on which game plan he chooses to employ.  Bisping actually has very underrated grappling skills, despite hailing from a nation that has, traditionally, poor grappling skills. Given that Brian Stann is certainly no pushover on the ground (unless your name is Chael Sonnen), it is far and away, the weakest aspect of his game. If Bisping employs the same technical boxing game plan he has used against most of his recent opponents, I feel that he is gambling with his future. Brian Stann has proven an ability to put away both brawlers and technicians in absolutely brutal fashion. Stann will fearlessly go toe-to-toe with “The Count” and employ the counter punching that has made him so successful since coming down to middleweight.


Prediction: Brian Stann by TKO in round 2


Matt Hamill vs Roger Hollett

Matt “The Hammer” Hamill makes his return after a brief 17-month retirement and it will be interesting to see what shape he returns in to the octagon. If Matt aims to head-hunt as he has done in the past he may find himself getting beaten to the punch (no pun intended). Hamill, after re-evaluating his career will likely come back using the game plan that brought him success in his early days, take them down and pound them out.


Prediction: Matt Hamill by TKO in round 3


Cub Swanson vs Charles Oliveira

Cub Swanson has been a modest tear, cutting down George Roop and bringing the fight to a much larger Ross Pearson. Swanson may be small but he is scrappy and when he hits his stride he packs a hell of a wallop. I feel though he may find it harder to impose his game on Oliveira as Do Bronx has a rangy style that can be just as sporadic and unpredictable as Swanson’s. Furthermore, Cub’s commendable bottom game that served him so well against Pearson will likely count for nothing if he finds himself under Oliveira. With that in mind, I don’t foresee many areas that Oliveira will not be comfortable taking the fight.


Prediction: Oliveira by submission in round 2


Predictions by Farrell Tremblay

Elias Theodorou “The Spartan”

This Saturday August 25th Elias Theodorou will face Simon Marini at The Score Fighting Series at Hamilton Place Theatre in Hamilton, Ontario. MMAxposed gives you a peek into Elias’s day getting ready for his fight. This fight will be broadcasted on and televised LIVE on The Score at 9pm!

MMAxposed Podcast Episode 7 with Hector Lombard, Jesse Ronson and Alex Ricci

Written by: Matt Marcone

With just two days to go before the Score Fighting Series’ fifth event in Ontario, we present episode seven of the MMAxposed podcast. We get a real heart to heart interview with Hector Lombard, who dropped a split decision to Tim Boetch in his UFC debut.

It was Lombard’s first loss in 25 fights and he opens up about the haters, his injury during training camp, and Dana White’s post-fight comments saying he should fight at welterweight. He also gives his thoughts on a new possible training destination, making it to the big show, and who he wants to fight next.

In what many are predicting could be fight of the night, Canadian striking sensations Jesse Ronson and Alex Ricci also join the podcast. They will be fighting each other at SFS5 in Hamilton on Saturday, August 25th and both sound desperate to get inside the octagon.

Ronson talks about his mentality going into his fight on July 28 knowing he couldn’t afford to get hurt, the intensity of his sparring sessions and the origins of his nickname. He also thinks a victory could possibly send him to the UFC’s stacked lightweight division.

Ricci talks about the fight with Ronson, competing on four of the five Score Fighting Series cards, and a UFC dream of his own.

Let us know what you think!

(8:00) Jesse Ronson

(18:45) Alex Ricci

(27:30) Hector Lombard

SFS: Jason Saggo Vs Eric Attard READY FOR WAR!!

Written by Randi Lotsberg

Ontario pro fighters Jason Saggo and Eric Attard will be stepping into the cage this Saturday, August 25th at the Score Fighting Series to test their minds, strength and skills. MMAxposed could see this bout being the fight of the night between these two skilled lightweights. Saggo is a brown belt training under Paul Abel out of P.E.I. and Attard trains out of Modern Vision MMA in Welland, Ontario under coach Chris Bonfoco. Both of these guys bring a different element into the cage; Saggo being known for his strong ground game and Attard for his Muay Thai background and powerful leg kicks. They are both at a comparable level when it comes to fitness and strength. This fight could go either way but it is bound to be the epitome of what a MMA fight should be!

Have a look behind the scenes in their training leading up to this event. Hear what they have to say about each other and how they think this fight will end.

Get your tickets at for this event The Score Fighting Series: Hill Vs. Fraser Saturday August 25 2012


Rousey Retains, Submits Kaufman in 54 Seconds

Written by Jordan Maskell

It didn’t take long for Ronda Rousey to retain her bantamweight title in one of the most highly anticipated women’s bout in MMA history. Last night’s Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman saw the champion dispose of her opponent Sarah Kaufman in a familiar style via armbar submission at 0:54 of the first round. Kaufman (15-2), a former champion, came into the event on a three-fight winning streak but stood little chance against the Olympic bronze medalist. Rousey (6-0-0) has now won all of her six professional fights with a first round armbar. After the fight she called out former featherweight champ Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos, who is currently on a one-year suspension after testing positive for an anabolic steroid earlier this year, suggesting Cyborg “come down to 135 and let’s settle this.”

The co-main event featured Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza making quick work of Derek Brunson, knocking out the middleweight at 0:41 of the first round. Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker had indicated the winner of the Souza-Brunson bout may very well be next in line to face middleweight champion Luke Rockhold, and it seems likely Souza will get his rematch. The former champ lost the belt to Rockhold in a five round unanimous decision last fall.


Chris Clements: Cloud Nine

Chris Clements has had a dream since he was in high school to get into the UFC. This past year after beating UFC veteran Rich Clementi at The Score Fighting Series, his dream finally came true. At the age of 34 he made his UFC debut and faced Keith Wisniewski, taking home yet another win. It has been a great year for Chris; he got married to the love of his life, they had their first child, and his UFC debut was just five weeks later. This is Chris’ story about his dream, his family, and his life.

MMAxposed PODCAST with Phil Baroni, Eric Attard and Jason Saggo

This week’s podcast with Matt Marcone and Randi Lotsberg featuring:

Phil Baroni is getting ready for his fight against Rodrigo Ribeiro at ONE FC in the Philippines on August 31th, 2012. He tells us about a new reality series called Fight Factory TV, which is set to premier August 15, 2012 on Nuvo TV.

Also on the show are lightweights Eric Attard and Jason Saggo, who will be squaring off August 25th in Hamilton, Ontario at the Score Fighting Series 4.

Attard talks about the step up in competition, the “sketchy” Discipline MMA show in Belleville and his preparation for Saggo. Saggo talks about training with legends all over the world, his passions, and fight mentality.

Download MMAxposed podcast Episode 6 HERE 

Gagnon Hoping to Debut Big At UFC 149 in Calgary

Written By Dwight Wakabayashi

Mitch Gagnon at TAPOUT Training Centre Burlington, Ontario

Following a false start in January, Sudbury native Mitch “The Machine” Gagnon is set to make his UFC debut this Saturday night on the undercard of UFC 149 from Calgary. It is really a night of Canadian debuts as, Gagnon and fellow Canadian fighter Ryan Jimmo are both getting their first crack at the big time.

Gagnon stated on Twitter earlier this week that he is currently reading UFC 149 headliner Urijah Faber’s book, and he better hope to learn something from it. The Team Shredder product out of northern Ontario will be in tough competition against Team Alpha Male fighter Bryan Caraway. Caraway brings some good experience to the cage, coming off a win against Dustin Neace in his own UFC debut last December. Caraway has fought some very tough opponents in his career, with notable losses to Mark Hominick and Fredson Paxaio. His twenty-one fights to Gagnon’s nine give a clear edge in experience to the American.

Gagnon is a very strong, compact fighter and his ground game is tremendous. He holds a Canadian regional title and has fought and beaten some tough local talent. This is a nice match up for him to get his feet wet in the UFC with his strength being his key to victory. Caraway is also a submission wizard with 14 of his 16 professional wins coming via tap.  He poses a formidable challenge for Gagnon and will definitely surprise and make some noise if he wins on Saturday night.

Gagnon has not fought since he defeated David Harris at Ringside MMA 12 in October of last year and cage rust could be a factor going in to this fight. A saving grace may be the fact that Caraway hasn’t fought this year either so they will both be willing and eager combatants.

Gagnon is one of six Canadian fighters on the preliminary card with a seventh, Adrenaline welterweight Chris Clements the only Canadian on the main card. Clements stepped in for an injured Thiago Alves against opponent Siyar Bahadurzada, but will now face another replacement in the always game Matt Riddle. The Calgary card has been plagued by injuries and is virtually unrecognizable to the original card that was announced months ago.

The seemingly cursed card has lost the likes of Yoshihiro Akiyama, Thiago Alves, Thiago Silva, Mauricio Rua, Michael Bisping and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira to injury or pull out. Yet in a true show of the depth of the UFC roster they have been replaced by such stars and notables as Urijah Faber, Renan Barao, Hector Lombard, Tim Boetsch, Bryan Ebersole and Chris Clements. The card remains full of world class fighters who should not be overlooked. Due to the revolving door of fighters on and off the card, this event is under-hyped and could over perform among the many over-hyped and anticlimactic cards we have experienced in the past. Don’t sleep on it.

The Score Fighting Series is back!!!

Written By Randi Lotsberg


Ontario MMA fans and fighters got some great news today! The Score Fighting Series is back at the Hamilton Place Theatre on Saturday, August 25th for its fifth event since the province legalized the sport. Action has been lacking on the local MMA scene in 2012, but every show the Score Fighting Series puts on just keeps getting better. They are doing an excellent job giving fans of the sport an opportunity to be able to watch great up and coming fighters in an intimate environment.

I have had the chance to speak with many fighters over the past few months and these guys are hungry, eager and ready to get into the cage. With such a long wait between fights for some of these guys, I am certain it’s going to make for an extra burst of highly intensified action. These men are ready for battle!!

The main event on the card will be a bantamweight showdown between John “Haggis Basher” Fraser and Josh “Gentlemen” Hill. This bout has been highly anticipated for some time now. Fraser, 34, is a Sarnia, Ontario native with a record of 10-3 and is riding a seven fight win streak. The 25-year-old Hill resides in Binbrook, Ontario and is currently 8-0. Both of these skilled athletes have a lot on the line in this one, with a win likely propelling either of these men to the next level in their professional MMA careers. With that being said it is a great opportunity to be able to see them live in action before they make it to the UFC.

Other amazing Canadian talent on the card includes: Tristan Johnson (7-2),  Will Romero (9-3), Lyndon Whitlock (7-2), Alex Ricci (5-0), Ryan Dickson (2-0), Jason Meisel (3-0), Jason Saggo (6-1), Elias Theodorou (4-0), Adam Assenza (1-1), Rory Mcdonell (5-6) and Robert Thomas (0-0). Their opponents are still to be decided.

Tickets start at $30 and go on sale on Monday, July 23 at, Copps Coliseum box office and from local fighters on the card. The entire show will be streamed live on and for the first time ever, the main card fights will be carried live on The Score television network starting at 9 p.m. EST.

The Pride of El Salvador is all about having fun at UFC 148

This veteran fighter doesn’t necessarily need a Bruce Buffer introduction, but ‘The Pride of El Salvador’ Ivan Menjivar (24-8) will get it this weekend at UFC 148. Ivan will be going for his fourth straight victory in the UFC. His opponent will be Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Mike Easton (12-1) from Alliance MMA under Lloyd Irvin. Mike is currently on a seven fight win streak. Ivan believes that Mike has great hands to go along with his prolific ground skills and has been forced to train smart for this match up. His fight camp has once again been under the tutelage of one of the best in the business Firas Zahabi from Tri Star Gym in Montreal, Canada. These Bantamweights will square off this Saturday, in the under card, of the highly anticipated re match between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen. Menjivar rarely disappoints when it comes to putting on crowd pleasing performances. The Menjivar/Easton combination lends itself to have all the makings of a fight of the night honour. Menjivar already holds a submission of the night honour in the UFC. Ivan says he just appreciates the opportunity that the UFC is giving him and he just wants to face-off Saturday night and put on a great show for the fans!

Ivan will be on the main card Saturday, July 07 2012
7pm/10pm PTET Las Vegas, Nevada MGM Grand Garden Arena
Click Here to find out where you can watch UFC 148
Article written by Victor McLean

Sam Stout at Show Your Strength charity event

UFC lightweight Sam Stout attending the Show Your Strength Charity event this past weekend with fellow training team mates Mark Hominick and Chris Clements. Sam reflects on Jens Pulvers documentary DRIVEN, bullying, Stanley Cup Finals and his upcoming fight at UFC on FX 4

Mark Hominick at Show Your Strength charity event

MMAxposed reporter Matt Marcone was at the “Show Your Strength” charity event held at the Toronto Underground Cinema. The event had a free screening of the documentary “Jens Pulver – Driven,” and was in support of programs to promote athletics for youth at risk.

He spoke with Canadian MMA fighter Mark Hominick about the documentary, Jens Pulver’s legacy, Sam Stout vs. Spencer Fisher three, Kenny Florian’s retirement, and the Stanley Cup finals.

GSP Seminar

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Photos and article by Randi Lotsberg

Participants were treated to an afternoon martial arts class last weekend, instructed by current UFC Welterweight champion, Georges “Rush” St-Pierre. Around 250 people took part in the event, hosted by Robinson’s Karate School in Newmarket, Ontario. Prior to the event, St. Pierre spent time taking photos and signing autographs with fans that came to the seminar.

He began the class explaining how he incorporates gymnastics into his training, following this up with a number of warm up exercises. Over the next few hours, St-Pierre demonstrated various techniques he utilizes while inside the octagon including his patented superman punch and how to perform an armbar.

St- Pierre had previously coached a season of the UFC’s reality series, The Ultimate Fighter against welterweight Josh Koscheck culminating in the champion defeating Koscheck by unanimous decision at UFC 124. He spent time walking around, observing participants and showing them the proper techniques of what he was teaching. GSP concluded the seminar by thanking everyone for coming out and participating.

It is unknown yet when he will be able to return to mixed martial arts competition. St-Pierre has been out of action since late 2011 with an ACL injury. His last fight was on April 30th, 2011 at UFC 129, where he defeated Jake Shields by unanimous decision. However, it is expected he will defend his title against Carlos Condit later this year.

Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig says Dana White is a man of his word

Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig was in Ontario recently for a seminar at Blue Dragon Muay Thai and Warrior Fight Store in Whitby it was a great turnout with participants of all ages. UFC’s Antonio Carvalho  also came out for the seminar.

Watch our interview with Duane below:

WARNING: May contain inappropriate language


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Ryan Jimmo on opponents: “They’re just a large chess piece that I manipulate as I please.”

By: Matt Marcone

Canadian light heavyweight standout Ryan “The Real Deal” Jimmo has won 16 straight and is primed to make his UFC debut. Jimmo’s impressive string of wins includes decisions over Wilson Gouveia and Marvin Eastman.

Oddly enough, he thinks his insecurity might be his greatest asset.

“When I’m walking to the ring, I try to talk myself into not thinking I’m going to lose,” laughs Jimmo. “By nature I’m a very insecure person and so I’m like that in training. I never think I’m good enough. Even when I win, I always think it’s a horrible performance.”

Jimmo was scheduled to take on Karlos Vemola January 20 at UFC on FX 1, but withdrew a week out due to an ankle injury. It only took a couple weeks until he was training again.

“We’re looking at probably July 21 in Calgary,” says Jimmo on his UFC debut. “I haven’t been given an opponent but that’s the tentative date we’re shooting for.“

Jimmo is coming off a close decision win over highly regarded veteran Thierry Sokoudjou. It was also the first fight where judges used a modified half-point scoring system.

“I think the half point system can make things a little more accurate,” Jimmo explains. “If it’s a really close round but you have to give it to someone, you still have to give them a 10-9 round, so I think the half point system is an improvement.”

Jimmo has taken the next step in his own career by moving to South Florida, currently training with the world-class Blackzilians.

“I’m doing very well training down here,” says Jimmo. “When I first came down, training with Rashad Evans I thought it was going to take a while to get up to their level, but that’s not the case at all. I came here and I’m surprising myself at how well I’m doing.”

Jimmo also excels at studying physics and playing chess. The latter has definitely affected his approach to fighting.

“Absolutely, I beat my opponents with technique, but also by out-thinking them,” says Jimmo. “They’re just a large chess piece that I manipulate as I please.”

Fans can listen to the full interview on episode three the MMAxposed podcast. Jimmo explains what it was like wanting to turn pro while not being able to afford groceries, and gives an epic explanation about the origins of his nickname “the real deal.”

Claudia Gadelha Gives Canada A Taste Of Brazil

23 year old Female Brazilian fighter Claudia Gadelha has made her first trek to Canada recently and is preparing to fight for the first time on North American soil this Friday April, 20th in Gatineau, Quebec for Wreck MMA against Valerie  Letourneau(Tristar, Montreal). Claudia trains out of Nova Uniao  in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt and is currently 6-0 in her pro career. We got a chance to catch up with Claudia at Evolucao Thai Gym in Toronto this week during filming of the Canadian documentary The Fight Exchange produced by Aaron Avruskin, The Fight Exchange is exactly as it sounds an exchange of Canadian and Brazilian fighters each training in the others countries, more details to come soon where and when you will be able to check out the final product.

Watch our interview with Claudia below:

After our interview Claudia said ” Learning English is harder then fighting”  After that comment we definitely can’t wait to see how natural this lady is in the cage.

A Few Words From Marlon Sandro