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Randi Lotsberg

Randi LotsbergRandi “Randall” Lotsberg

Owner/Operator of Randi is definitely one of the hottest up and coming photographers/videographers on the scene. Her artistic flair and natural talent shine through in everything she does.

Randi’s (or Randall as she is known by friends) amazing work can be seen in the world of fitness, bodybuilding, and mixed martial arts.

Some of the incredible athletes she has photographed or filmed include UFC’s Georges St-Pierre,  Sam Stout, Chris Clements, Mitch Gagnon, Pro fighters Chris Horodecki, Elias Theodoru, Josh Hill, Grappler Matt Bagshaw and Royler Gracie, WBFF Bikini Pro Kelly Boone, WBFF Fitness Pros Pedi & Paul Mirdamadi, former Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler

Look out for more of Randi’s awesome work here at

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