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Promotional Services

We offer a variety of services for fighters, sponsors, promoters, and businesses. Our greatest strength is the ability to produce professional content while simultaneously promoting it to all the big names on the MMA scene.

Our team has proven backgrounds in the fields of journalism, videography, photography, editing, networking, promotion, and production.


Are you an MMA affiliated business looking to promote and expand your brand in Canada and worldwide? Are you looking to add original content to your company’s website or incorporate your products into some of our videos?

We offer a wide variety of services, including but not limited to:

–       Creating promotional videos and commercials

–       Filming weekly videos that keep your customers updated with regular content,

from conditioning tips or techniques from trainers/pro fighters to new product promotion.

–       Connecting you with local talent looking for sponsorships

–       Gym promo videos

–       Selling advertising space on videos or podcasts, many of which feature high level MMA fighters

–       Incorporating your products into our videos/podcasts through either product placement

or announcements



Are you an MMA fighter looking to gain exposure in the fight scene? The ability to get recognized requires more than a decent fight record; it also involves building a brand that will be noticed by fans, promoters, and sponsors.

We have several services that can help, including but not limited to:

–       Creating and promoting highlight videos

–       Filming commercials with quality companies

–       Creating documentary style pieces

–       Setting up multimedia content for your website for fans to see


It is our goal to be able to connect fighters with businesses and create content that MMA fans will enjoy. UFC President Dana White once called Canada “the Mecca of MMA,” and we believe this market will continue growing in future years.

Please contact Randi Lotsberg at  for more details including pricing packages that are right for you.

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