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“Grappling is not just an ego fulfilling prophecy; it can be a life enhancing experience”

UnknownIf you ever have the opportunity to speak to Brian Cimins, President and CEO of Grappler’s Quest at one of his events, do it. Brian is one of the most approachable, engaging, humble, exciting, and inspirational people you will ever find.

We had an opportunity to speak to Brian at the recent Grappler’s Quest 2013 US National Championships on July 20, 2013 in Morristown, NJ about how Grappler’s Quest started, his own personal journey in martial arts, and where he sees the sport and his brand going in the future.

Brian started Grappler’s Quest as a senior project in college in 1998 when he saw there was a need to have a local grappling tournament. In 1999, Grappler’s Quest held the first amateur exclusively nogi tournament in the world. Grappler’s Quest was also the first organization to run a US national event (since 2000).

Grappler’s Quest is a labour of love for Brian. He talks passionately about how every sport needs amazing, independent organizations that are free from the control of a governing body, and he believes that Grappler’s Quest fills that spot in the grappling world. To Brian, Grappler’s Quest belongs to the people that support it – the competitors. It is the human support that drives Brian. As he says, “Grappler’s Quest is yours”


A Few Words From Marlon Sandro

Bellator 64 Photo Slideshow

Photo Slideshow of last night’s Bellator event. All photos by Randi Lotsberg

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Bellator 64 Weigh-Ins Results



Lightweight: Taylor Solomon 155.6 Vs. Jason Fischer 155.6

Welterweight: Matt Secor  170 Vs. Nordine Taleb 171

Featherweight: Mike Richman 145 Vs. Chris Horodecki 145.8

Welterweight: Josh Taveirne 170.6 Vs. Chad Laprise 169.8

Catchweight: Kyle Prepolec 158.6 Vs Lance Snow 159

Middleweight: Elias Theodorou 185.6 vs Rich Lictawa 192.2 

Rich needs to cut more weight

Bantamweight: Roderigo Lima 136 Vs. Hiroshi Nakamura 135.8

Bantamweight: Travis Marx 145.2 Vs. Masakatsu Ueda 135.8

Featherweight: Alexandre Bezarra 146  Vs. Marlon Sandro 146

Welterweight: Douglas Lima 170 Vs. Ben Askren 169.6