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A walk in the woods with Lyndon Whitlock

Getting to know Lyndon Whitlock….


A few words from one training partner about another – Lyndon Whitlock

I have known Lyndon since 2001. We used to train together and when he first started training, I spent alot of time helping him out. The one thing I noticed right away was how fast he picked up grappling. Within a couple of months training he went to compete and do an amazing job at a very tough local competition. Since that time, he took many years off of training focusing on work and other things.
We recently began training together about a year ago and the exact same thing is happening. He is picking up and absorbing technique so well and keeps getting better each and every time we roll. It is an honor to know him as a student, friend and representative of my store. Not just because of his abilities, but for his hardworking, honest and humble attitude on and off the mats. Just dont tick him off in the cage…or he will break something of yours….literally!

Written By Riccardo Ammendolia


Antonio ‘Pato’ Carvalho

MMAxposed had a chance to catch up with UFC’s Antonio ‘pato’ Carvalho before his UFC debut in Brazil at UFC 142 this upcoming Saturday. Training out of Bruckmann’s Mixed Martial Arts in Oshawa, Ontario.