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GSP Clears Way for a New Welterweight Champion



Written by Carlin Bardsley


UFC welterweight champion and future Hall of Famer Georges St Pierre has made the decision to vacate the title he has help since 2008. GSP announced the decision on a conference call with the media on Friday afternoon.

St. Pierre made the decision to step away from the sport due to what he described as a lot of pressure and a lot of “criticism” in his professional life and unspecified issues in his personal life that require his attention.

“It’s like every fight I’m carrying weight on my shoulders. With every fight you add weight and add weight and add weight, eventually it gets too heavy.” the French-Canadian superstar told reporters.

St. Pierre carefully avoided the word retirement, instead preferring to keep the talk about an extended break. But he felt that he needed to vacate his title “for the respect of the other competitors” and added “I can not put myself through a training camp right now and I don’t want anyone to wait”. (more…)

GSP Seminar

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Photos and article by Randi Lotsberg

Participants were treated to an afternoon martial arts class last weekend, instructed by current UFC Welterweight champion, Georges “Rush” St-Pierre. Around 250 people took part in the event, hosted by Robinson’s Karate School in Newmarket, Ontario. Prior to the event, St. Pierre spent time taking photos and signing autographs with fans that came to the seminar.

He began the class explaining how he incorporates gymnastics into his training, following this up with a number of warm up exercises. Over the next few hours, St-Pierre demonstrated various techniques he utilizes while inside the octagon including his patented superman punch and how to perform an armbar.

St- Pierre had previously coached a season of the UFC’s reality series, The Ultimate Fighter against welterweight Josh Koscheck culminating in the champion defeating Koscheck by unanimous decision at UFC 124. He spent time walking around, observing participants and showing them the proper techniques of what he was teaching. GSP concluded the seminar by thanking everyone for coming out and participating.

It is unknown yet when he will be able to return to mixed martial arts competition. St-Pierre has been out of action since late 2011 with an ACL injury. His last fight was on April 30th, 2011 at UFC 129, where he defeated Jake Shields by unanimous decision. However, it is expected he will defend his title against Carlos Condit later this year.